Krystian Karpiuk aka 'smntfl'


I'm living in eastern Poland. Among the meadows and rivers.



Some of my projects:

> Krystian Karpiuk Photo — my photographs, my soul… a small part of the world seen from my own point of view


> Krystian Karpiuk Design — small pieces of work and stuff I've designed


> Krystian Karpiuk CG — selected projects that I created


> Krystian Karpiuk Photo+ — a still-growing base of my photos


> Krystian Karpiuk Lab — an interactive things that make your life easier


> Behance — my portfolio on Behance


> 5px — my portfolio on 500px


> noTriangle — the place where I work as an art director


> noTextures — the place where you can buy extraordinary seamless textures



About site: is a micro-blog about mistakes in microtypography. The typography mistakes are taken from our day-to-day life, they can cost a lot shame or even laugh. Let's try avoid them!